Integration Management Knowledge Area

There are Six integration management process in integration management.

  1. Develop project charter
  2. Develop project management plan
  3. Direct and manage project work
  4. Monitor and control project work
  5. Perform Integrated change control
  6. Closing of the project phase.

The Integration Management knowledge area brings all of the process groups together. A project manager has to integrate the work of everyone on the team through all of these major activities to keep the project on track:

1. Being authorized by the project charter to control the budget and assign resources.
2. Planning all of the work that’s going to happen throughout the project
3. Directing the work once it gets started
4. Monitoring the way the work progresses and looking for potential problems
5. Looking out for changes, understanding their impacts, and making sure they
don’t derail the project
6. Closing out the project and making sure that there are no loose ends when it’s

Trying to fit down the above 6 integration management process according to below scenarios

  • 1. It turns out that one of the teachers is a vegetarian, so some of the restaurant reservations will need to be canceled, and new reservations will need to be made at restaurants that can accommodate him.  Perform integrated change control
  • 2. You come up with a detailed description of everything that you plan to do to get the teachers where they want to be. Develop project management plan.



  • 4. You check in with the teachers at each destination to make sure everything is going according to plan.  Monitor and Control Project Work.


  • 5. When the teachers get back, you write up everything you learned while handling the trip so other travel agents can learn from your experience. Closing project or phase


  • 6. You book the tickets and hotel accommodations.  Direct and Manage Project Work


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