Project Integration Management

Project Integration management are specific to project managers. Project Integration management requires the combining the outputs or other knowledge areas. There are 7 process in this knowledge area.

  1. Develop Project Charter: This is in Initiating process group.
  2. Develop Project Management Plan: This is in planning process group.
  3. Direct and Manage Project Work: This is in executing process group.
  4. Manage Project Knowledge: This is also in executing process group.
  5. Monitor and Control Project Work: This is in monitoring and controlling process group.
  6. Perform Integrated Change Control: This is also in monitoring and controlling process group.
  7. Close Project or Phase: This is in closing process group.

The Integration Management knowledge area brings all of the process groups together. A project manager has to integrate the work of everyone on the team through all of these major activities to keep the project on track:

1. Being authorized by the project charter to control the budget and assign resources.
2. Planning all of the work that’s going to happen throughout the project
3. Directing the work once it gets started
4. Monitoring the way the work progresses and looking for potential problems
5. Looking out for changes, understanding their impacts, and making sure they
don’t derail the project
6. Closing out the project and making sure that there are no loose ends when it’s

Trying to fit down the above 7 integration management process according to below scenarios

  • Let’s discuss about Develop Project Charter Process in detail:
  • This is the process where we create project document which formally authorizes the existence of project and also formally authorizes the project manager to use organizational resources to achieve project objectives or the organizational strategies .The approved project charter formally initiate the project. Project manager is assigned .  The input, Tools and Techniques and output to this process is as follows:
  • develop project charter
  • Inputs:
    1. Business documents: Business case and the benefit management plan
    2. Agreements: Any contract or procurement document
    3. Enterprise Environmental Factors
    4. Organization process Assets

    Tools and Techniques

    1. Expert judgment
    2. Data gatherings using brainstorming, focus groups, interviews.
    3. Interpersonal Skills using conflict management, facilitation techniques, meeting management.
    4. Meetings


  • Expert Judgement is the judgement provided by the experts in the area of discipline, knowledge, industry etc to perform activity. Such experts are from groups or person individual in the area of their skills and knowledge, technical expertise.Data Gathering can be done by using:Brainstorming: This techniques is used to generate ideas. This is to be done in groups and led by the facilitators. Brainstorming can be used in data gathering for generating idea, solution etc. by stakeholders or team members while creating project charter.

    Focus group: this is used to bring stakeholders, subject matter experts to learn about perceived risk, success criteria and other things in conversational way rather than one to one interview.

    Interviews: This is used for data gathering by interviewing stakeholders, team members etc. by one to one meeting.

    Interpersonal Skills using conflict management, facilitation techniques, meeting management.

    Meetings are held with key stakeholders , team members to get high level information like success criteria, deliverable , project key objectives etc.


    1. Project Charter
    2. Assumption Log.


Lets discuss about : Develop Project Management Plan:

Develop Project Management Plan  process is defining , coordinating ,preparing the plan of all components of the project. The key benefits of this document is to help coordinate how the activities will be performed or managed in the project . Project management plan helps project managers or other members that how the project will executed, monitored ,controlled  and will be closed.

Data Flow Diagram of Project Management Plan

The Inputs to this process will be :

  1. Output of the process
  2. Project Charter
  3. Enterprise environmental factors
  4. Organization process assets

Tools and Techniques of this process is more or less similar to the process develop project charter:

  1. Expert judgement
  2. Data gathering : Brainstorming, Focus groups,Interviews, checklists
  3. Interpersonal skills : Conflict management , facilitation techniques ,meeting management .
  4. Meetings

The output of this process is Project Management Plan .

Project management plan and project documents


Lets discuss about Direct and Manage Project Work Process

In this process the actual work of the project is being performed  as per the project management plan  and implements any change requests. The key benefits of this process is to provide the management of the work or deliverable s.

direct and manage project work input and outputs and tool and techniques

Inputs to this process are:

  1. Project Management Plan and other project documents
  2. Approved Change requests
  3. Enterprise  Environmental Factor
  4. Organizational Process Assets

Tools and Techniques are:

  1. Expert Judgement
  2. Project Management Information Systems
  3. Meetings

Project Management Information System (PMIS) provides access to information technology software tools like scheduling software tool, configuration management software tools, and work authorization system, information collection and distribution system etc.

Types of meeting here can be but not limited to kick off meeting, technical meeting, sprint, daily stand up meeting. Any plan to be discussed for the next phase or change discussion


Outputs of Direct and Manage Project Work Process are:

  1. Deliverable’s
  2. Change Requests
  3. Work performance data
  4. Project Management plan update(if any).
  5. Other project document update
  6. Issue log
  7. Organizational process assets.Manage Project Knowledge Work Process:

    It is the process in which using existing knowledge and create new knowledge to achieve project objectives and contributing to organizational learning.




    manage project knowledge process

The following are the inputs to this process

  1. Project Management Plan
  2. Project Documents
  3. Deliverable
  4. Enterprise environmental factor
  5. Organizational process assets


Tools and Techniques used in this process are:

  1. Expert judgement
  2. Information management
  3. Knowledge Management
  4. Interpersonal Skill like active listening, leader ship, political awareness, facilitation techniques

Output of this process group are:

  1. Lesson learned
  2. Project management plan updates
  3. Organizational process assets update

Monitoring and Controlling Project Work Process

This is the process where project work is tracked, reviewing and reporting  the overall project progress  as defined in the project management plan. The key  benefits of this process is to allow other stakeholders to understand the current status of the project  and action  to be taken if any issues found in the project performance  with respect to cost and schedule.  it is also helpful to plan for the future performance with respect to cost and schedule forecast.

monitoring and controlling project work process


Input to this process are :

  1. Project Management Plan
  2. Project Document
  3. Work performance information
  4. Agreements
  5. Enterprise environmental factor
  6. Organizational process assets

Tools and Techniques in this process are:

  1. Expert judgement
  2. Data analysis  which includes Alternative analysis, cost benefit analysis,variance analysis, root cause analysis ,trend analysis
  3. Decision making  like voting
  4. Meetings.

Output of this process are :

  1. Change Requests
  2. Work performance report
  3. Project management plan update
  4. Project document update
  5. Organizational process assets update

Perform Integrated change control Process:

This is the process where changes requests are reviewed and approved or rejected and managing the changes to deliverable , project documents and communicate the decision.

perform integrated change control process


Close Project Or Phase Process

It is process of finalizing all activities of the project or phase or contract . The key benefits of this process are the  planned project work is completed , resources are released for the new endeavor  , project document has been archived . Input , output and tool and techniques are mentioned in the below figure.


close project or phase